Anti-Messoris Militia


The Anti-Messoris Militia was formed during the Hinbo Nova conflict. Whilst Soul Society was being invaded by the Messoris, the Mod-Soul Number 4, with the assistance of Gnasher, and Perrin Lupus, broke into the high security prison under squad 2 of the Gotei 13’s headquarters. Number 4 in the guise of a Gabumon plushie, snuck down to the lowest floor of the prison. Number 4 then released all of the prisoners on this floor from their bonds. The released prisoners were Adam, Sosuke Aizen, Eve, Ichimaru Gin, and Xavior Frost (DEAD). To prevent the world from ending, Sosuke Aizen used his bankai to force Hinbo Nova into a full retreat.

The freed prisoners all escaped to the Human world, with the exception of Ichimaru Gin who stayed behind, along with Number 4 and Gnasher. At this juncture, Eve opens a portal to Hueco Mundo and leaves the group. The remaining members decide on a mission plan: to restore the Hogyoku.


The Anti-Messoris Milita has one goal: the death of Hinbo Nova. To achieve this, the members are all making an effort to restore the Hogyoku.

Current Members

Former members

Anti-Messoris Militia

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